12 BigCommerce SEO Strategies for Higher Ranking In 2024

BigCommerce SEO Strategies
If you have chosen BigCommerce as your e-commerce web store, you know how important it is to lead the online market competition. The best way is to improve your BigCommerce SEO, ensuring it ranks among the top search engine results. This article will highlight BigCommerce SEO Strategies for Higher Ranking in 2024.

Top Quality Content with Keywords 

High-quality content is the key to high SEO ranking; search engines prefer content that is informative, features targeted keywords, and is easy to comprehend. When you publish trending, informative and keyword-integrated blogs, articles, product descriptions, and webpages, you increase your chances of higher search engine ranking. 

Customized Website Structure 

A simple and brand-specific website structure will attract visitors to your online store and enhance lead conversions. Ensuring your online store has a proper web structure with clear product categories and sub-categories, and is user-friendly will drive higher sales and revenue. 

Mobile Responsive Web Designs 

With more than 80% of the population accessing websites through smart devices, it is important that your website has a mobile responsive design for easy navigation. Moreover, Google and other leading search engines prefer mobile-responsive websites and rank them higher. 

Website Loading Speed 

Another critical factor is the website loading speed, as consumers tend to bounce off a website that has slow loading times. For that, you may compress images, improve browser caching, eliminate heavy content, and enjoy unlimited website traffic. 

Protect Your Website with HTTPS

Secure websites are preferred by users and search engines, so experts recommend shifting your website to HTTPS encrypts data and ensures high payment security. It boosts your customer’s trust and SERP ranking. 

Use Best Quality Images with Alt Text

Your website images not only play a key role in defining customers’ shopping experience but also support SEO results. So, you must place special focus on using top-quality photos and descriptive alt text along with profitable keywords to achieve the best SEO results. This strategy boosts user-friendliness and makes the search engine understand the image content. 

Harness the Power of Internal Linking 

Internal links redirect your potential consumers to the right webpage, hence increasing chances of sales conversion. It is also an effective strategy in helping search engines discover new web pages. 

Publish Customer Reviews 

Publishing customer reviews is the best way to build a trustworthy relationship with clients. Leading brands and successful businesses regularly post the latest and keyword-embedded customer reviews on their website. The best way is to incentivize your customers to encourage them to leave a review on the product pages. It will guide new customers’ purchase decisions and is likely to boost sales. 

Regular Website Audit 

Another effective BigCommerce SEO strategy to improve search engine ranking is to regularly check your SEO performance. You may use the latest tools such as Google Analytics, and Search Console for the purpose. It will help you identify areas of improvement, keep you on top of the SEO practices, and boost your website ranking. 

Harness the Power of Social Media Platforms 

Social media is trending, with more than 55% of Gen Z use social media for more than 3 hours per day. This makes it the most effective marketing platform to drive sales and revenues. To improve your SEPR ranking, you may share your content on different social media platforms as it will increase online visibility and user engagement. A strong social media presence will never let your audience forget about your brand when making a purchase decision (which is critical to driving organic web traffic and increasing search engine ranking). 

Stay Abreast of the Algorithm Changes 

It is an undeniable fact that search engine algorithms are continually changing. As mindful e-commerce business owners, you must stay abreast of the updates and adapt to the new SEO practices. For better search engine ranking, you must follow trending SEO blogposts and publications, and supervise your website rankings and traffic. It will help you identify the algorithm influences, optimize your website with latest search engine algorithms and keep you ahead of the competition. 


As e-commerce business owners, you must understand that SEO is a continual process and the key to success is embracing changes and market trends. By focusing on the foundational aspects and adopting the best SEO strategies, you set your BigCommerce online store for success. While you focus on other business aspects, these guidelines will help you increase online traffic, visibility and sales.

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