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Click Traces is a leading BigCommerce SEO Services Company that drives business success by boosting online visibility and search engine ranking.
bigcommerce seo services

Click Traces is a leading BigCommerce SEO Services Company that drives business success by boosting online visibility and search engine ranking. Our comprehensive range of BigCommerce SEO services includes targeted keyword research, on-page keyword optimization, content creation, strategic SEO audit, and link building. We adapt our services according to the company vision, goals, and marketing strategies to ensure incredible outcomes. 

Use the Power of SEO to Drive Business Growth


At Click Traces, we understand that SEO is a crucial part of successful marketing, and an expert’s guidance can help you amplify the success of your BigCommerce store. Our team uses the latest SEO practices and marketing techniques and works dedicatedly to boost online visibility and drive conversions. Our SEO plans feature comprehensive schedules for your team to follow and enjoy unprecedented business growth. 

Why Choose Us?


Our vast IT industry experience and a global client base set us apart from others. 

Custom SEO

We customize our BigCommerce SEO services according to the brand identity to create engaging user experiences and keep the audience hooked. 

Organic Traffic Growth

At Click Traces, we adopt expert SEO strategies to maximize your search engine visibility and drive organic traffic to your website. 

SEO Auditing

Our expert SEO audit identifies optimization strategies to boost your website’s performance. 

Improved Brand Image

Our BigCommerce SEO strategies are targeted at improving search engine ranking, reaching new consumers, and boosting the overall brand image.

Comprehensive Guidance

Our BigCommerce SEO Experts share valuable insights to guide business decisions. Our full-service team can manage all BigCommerce SEO aspects, hence saving your resources and hassle. 

BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce SEO Audit

Our BigCommerce SEO audit services help client businesses identify their SEO flaws, and adapt their strategies according to the audit analysis.

BigCommerce SEO Strategy Planning

Our BigCommerce SEO strategy planning adopts a preemptive and action-oriented approach to ensure guaranteed search growth and increased online visibility.


We strategize by using a combination of local, regional, and global SEO practices to achieve marketing targets.

BigCommerce Site Migration

We adopt a strategic approach to seamless BigCommerce site migration that involves minimal risk and is fully optimized for SEO.

On-Page Optimization

Our expert optimization strategy helps efficiently leverage existing content for the best outcomes.

Technical Optimization

Our pro technical optimization ensures that your BigCommerce store’s SEO content performs optimally.

SEO Content

We have expert content writers who use their creativity and skills to create engaging and valuable content that closely matches target audiences’ expectations.

High-quality Link Building

Our SEO team extracts high-quality backlinks from trending websites that help boost client websites’ search ranking and drive organic traffic.

SEO Reporting

We support business growth by providing custom SEO reporting emphasizing benchmarking and continual optimization.


FAQs about BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce is a leading online store platform, that helps boost your website’s search visibility. Here is why it is a preferred choice: 

Integrated SEO Features 

BigCommerce has many integrated SEO features that help optimize web pages and improve a website’s SERP ranking. We can use distinct and optimized URLs, meta tags, headers, and targeted keywords to optimize the online store. 

Innovative Analytics Tools 

BigCommerce innovative reporting and analytical tools help professionally monitor website visitors’ statistics and customer order trends that can guide informed marketing decisions. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

BigCommerce’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) feature ensures faster-loading pages and enhanced user experiences. 

SEO Tools 

BigCommerce uses many SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide real-time insights for effective marketing. 

Automatic URL Update 

BigCommerce sets up 301 redirects that allow automatic URL updates.

You would require an expert’s help for successful BigCommerce SEO to navigate the challenges of the platform. An expert will help manage canonical settings, use advanced blog features, and deal with duplicate content to ensure the best outcomes. 

As BigCommerce has incredible features that help boost the brand’s online visibility and SERP ranking. However, only an expert can extract maximum benefit from these features and boost BigCommerce store conversions. Our experts conduct buyer-intent keyword research, use SEO-friendly URLs, organize data for rich snippets, optimize meta titles and descriptions, use headers correctly, and optimize category pages for a successful SEO strategy implementation.