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Click Traces has been setting benchmarks for Joomla SEO Services across the globe by revamping the website to enhance its functionality, SERP ranking, and performance.
Joomla SEO Services

Click Traces has been setting benchmarks for Joomla SEO Services across the globe. Joomla has emerged as the most popular content management software, driving more than 2 million websites. While people prefer it for smart features, Joomla lacks SEO features. This is where you would require an expert’s help to lead the competition. 

As a leading Joomla SEO Company, we use our expertise to revamp your website to enhance its functionality, search engine ranking, and overall performance.

Our Promise

What is Joomla SEO Strategy?

Joomla SEO is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that helps boost search engine visibility by ranking on top of Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, and others. Our search engine optimization strategy includes link building, keyword integration, quick webpage loading, and content strategy. Our Joomla SEO Experts use special Joomla features such as URL restructuring capabilities to create SEO-friendly URLs, making it the best platform for your online business and improving your brand image. 

Keyword Research

We closely understand your niche and industry to identify the most trending keywords and embed them in your website content, meta titles, and meta descriptions to elevate your search engine ranking.

SEO-Friendly URLs

We use Joomla’s global setting to develop SEO-friendly URLs that improve search engine rankings.

Meta Title and Meta Descriptions

We include targeted keywords to improve search engine visibility, user engagement, and organic website traffic.

Image Optimization

Click Traces Joomla SEO Experts use descriptive file names and alt text in the image text that directly improves search engine findings.

Link-building Strategies

Click Traces expert link-building strategies include gaining quality backlinks from competitor webpages to improve the client website’s authority and search engine ranking.


We ensure that Joomla websites are mobile responsive for an improved user experience and higher search engine ranking.

XML Sitemap

We use the Joomla extension and online sitemap generator to develop XML sitemaps helping users effortlessly access and navigate your website.

Schema Markup

We use schema markup to deliver more details about the content to search engines that help improve the website’s search engine visibility.


We use canonicalization to manage duplicate content and help search engines prioritize the best web page version.

What is Our SEO Process?

SEO Audit

Our Joomla SEO experts analyze the niche and competitor websites to identify profitable keywords. Then, we conduct a comprehensive SEO website audit.

SEO Plan

We determine your business goals and objectives to determine a highly effective SEO plan.


We implement the SEO plan designed according to the business and search engine optimization goals to achieve the targeted outcomes.


After a few months, we review the outcomes and ensure compliance with our SEO plan’s pre-determined targets.


SEO is a continuous process that helps lead the competition and achieve desired outcomes.

FAQs about Joomla SEO services

Looking to learn more about Joomla SEO services for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Click Traces Joomla SEO services are highly reliable, promise constant organic web traffic, boost online or e-commerce sales, fast and secure platform, and budget-friendly services. 

The most effective SEO strategy for Joomla CMS combines different strategies that include expert keyword search and usage, indexing, XML sitemap management, and mobile responsiveness. We also ensure your website URLs are SEO-friendly and images are optimized for keywords. Our policy is to analyze each company’s requirements and industry challenges to develop the best SEO strategy. 

Google does not allow SEO service companies to give SEO ranking guarantees, however, we have the world’s best Joomla SEO experts on board who are committed to delivering the best results. We adopt a professional and customized approach to offer the best SEO services and keep clients posted about their progress. 

Our basic social media promotions include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, we also plan campaigns for LinkedIn and other social media channels. We analyze and discuss with the clients what works best for their business. 

Click Traces prides itself on offering organic SEO services including expert keyword research and manual publishing on high-authority websites. However, we offer paid marketing services like guest posts, blog posts and much more.