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As a leading Wix SEO Company, we offer strategic and result-driven Wix SEO solutions to businesses across the globe.
Wix SEO services Company

As a leading Wix SEO Company, we offer strategic and result-driven Wix SEO solutions to businesses across the globe. Our expert web developers, marketers, and content creators work together to enhance brand visibility through increased website traffic, higher lead conversions, and fast-tracked business growth.

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Wix SEO Services

Click Traces’ comprehensive range of Wix SEO Services include: 

Social Media and Branding

Our expert social media marketing services help boost Wix website traffic through a strong presence on social media channels.

Link Building

Our professional link-building services include high-quality backlinks for webpages, guest posts, and blog marketing, that meaningfully improve the Wix website’s authority and search engine ranking.


Our targeted PPC services offer guaranteed results by boosting Wix website traffic and driving sales.

Wix Website Optimization

Our Wix website optimization services ensure faster loading times for a seamless user experience. Our Wix SEO expert searches and embeds profitable keywords in the website content to improve search engine ranking.

Content Marketing

The recent Google Core Update 2024 has outcasted websites with low-quality content. Our highly professional content marketing services entail a team of skilled SEO writers and marketers who work together to create quality and informative content. At Click Traces, we believe that content marketing is critical to improving brand image and enjoying long-term success.

E-commerce Integration

Our e-commerce integration services help businesses explore new opportunities, strengthen capabilities, tap new markets, and drive efficiency.

Keyword and Market Research

Effective keyword research is a key part of SEO strategy that will help improve website ranking and drive conversions. Our experts carry out market research to develop a strategic SEO plan with the right keywords. Competitor research is critical to strategic planning, improving Wix website ranking, and driving business success.

Website SEO Auditing

At Click Traces, we use professional SEO tools to diagnose the problem and provide our clients with a detailed website analysis. We use the latest on-page SEO ranking elements to support the success of Wix website SEO plan.

Wix On-Page SEO Services

Our expert Wix on-page SEO services include updating meta titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, site architecture, and image optimization. At Click Traces, we amaze our clients by offering great value in our services. Our on-page optimization also includes technical aspects such as silo structure, swift website loading, content optimization, Domain Name System (DNS) management, and webpage responsiveness.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is a trending social media marketing platform that delivers promised results. We help brands reach new audiences through YouTube channels. Our experts use their knowledge and skills to develop a YouTube SEO marketing strategy that involves optimizing the channel and improving video ranking.

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services help list your Wix website on Google Maps. We strive to enhance your local SEO visibility through citations and Google listings. At Click Traces, we understand that in this digital world, Google's location is critical for an improved user experience. Our local SEO services will help you reach nearby customers and enhance sales.

Reporting and Analytics

As a competent SEO agency, we offer comprehensive Google analytics and reporting that help you track Wix website SEO campaigns. The report helps you analyze your organic traffic and business goal achievements. Our SEO strategies are based on reporting and analytics, which is the key to success.

App Store Optimization

Our Wix experts also offer app store optimization services that promote businesses through mobile apps. With better app visibility and an increased number of downloads, we can help drive business success.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Wix designers can help customize your website layout to reflect your brand and offer engaging user experiences. It is a critical step to enhancing conversion rates.


FAQs about Wix SEO services

Wix SEO services help drive organic traffic, improve conversion rates, increase sales, and drive business growth. 

Wix offers innovative SEO features such as keyword planning, tags, and swift website loading. However, for the best outcomes, only an expert can handle the technical part such as professional use of SEO tools, techniques, and strategy implementation to improve website ranking. 

At Click Traces, we use different mediums to closely track and analyze your Wix website performance after SEO strategy implementation. We use Google Analytics 4 and other tools to traffic organic website traffic, and improvement in conversion rates. We provide regular analytics in the form of reports to keep our clients apprised of their website performance and use it as a basis to determine our next steps. 

SEO strategy usually delivers noticeable results within a few months (at least 6 months). We have a policy of reviewing the website performance every month to analyze the progress and determine any changes required.