Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Click Traces privacy policy states company policies regarding gathering, use, and sharing of user info. It also illustrates the user’s privacy rights and law protection mechanisms. 

We use personal data to improve Click Traces website performance and overall service standards. By using Click Traces services, you agree to gather and use the info according to our privacy policy.


For Click Traces Privacy Policy, here is how you would interpret the terms: 


Cookies are tiny files positioned in your computer system or smart devices through a website and comprise all user’s browsing history data. 


A device refers to a computer system or smartphone. 

Personal Data

Personal data signifies the user info. 


Third-party refers to the website, social network website, or any company or individual engaged by Click Traces to facilitate our services. 

Data Collection

Personal Data

When you browse the Click Traces website, we may ask you to share some personal data that we can use to either contact or recognize users. The personal data may comprise, however, is not limited to:
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Device Info (such as IP address, browser type, model, web pages you click, exact date and time of your webpage clicks, browsing time for each webpage, and analytical data.


We use cookies to track user’s browsing activity on our website and preserve some user info. A cookie is a tiny file positioned on your device for which you can share your consent. If you accept cookies, you will be provided full access to the Click Traces website. However, if you refuse to accept cookies on our Click Traces website, you may have limited access. If you have set your browser setting for refusing cookies, then you will not have full access to our website.

Use of Personal Data

Click Traces may use your personal data for any or all of the below-mentioned objectives:
  • To maintain and monitor the use of our website
  • To manage your personal account as a registered user
  • Contact you via email, phone, message, or other electronic means.
  • To share updates about special offers and info about our services or events
  • For data examination, study user trends, determine the success of our marketing campaigns, optimize our website, and improve user experience, and services.
We might share your personal data under the following conditions:


We might share your personal info with third parties (contracted by Click Traces to facilitate our services), monitor the use of the Click Traces website, and contact you. We might share your personal info during company mergers, company assets trading, funding, or business acquisitions. We may share your personal data with other users, such as published client reviews might be accessible by all users and publicly visible. Note: Our privacy policy states that if we disclose personal info for any other purpose, we will seek your consent prior to the activity.

Preserving Personal Data

Click Traces will preserve your personal info for as long as it is required for the objectives illustrated in the privacy policy. We will preserve and use your personal data to meet the objective of compliance with legal duties, resolve issues, and impose legal contracts and protocols. Click Traces will also preserve user data for internal examination. User data is usually preserved for a brief period, except when the personal data is required to reinforce the security or improve website performance, or we are lawfully required to preserve this data for long periods.

Personal Data Transmission

Your personal data or related info is managed at Click Traces office units in different parts of the world. It implies that this info might be transferred to or maintained in the computer systems in Pakistan and outside Pakistan. Please note that data protection laws may be different in different parts of the globe. After you consent to accept Click Traces’ privacy policy, your info submission may signify your approval for personal data transmission. Click Traces will take all required steps to ascertain that your data is safely managed and according to the illustrated privacy policy. Moreover, our policy also states that personal data transmission will occur to third parties or another country through proper data security measures.

Personal Info Disclosure

Business Transactions
If any merger, acquisition or asset trade occurs within Click Traces, we may disclose your personal info. However, we may issue a notice before the transfer of personal info and the new privacy policy intact.
Law Implementation
Under particular situations, Click Traces might have to share your personal info if demanded by the law or in response to any legal requests by the public authorities.
Other Legal Requirements
Click Traces may share your personal info with the belief that the act is mandatory for the following purposes:
  • Compliance with legal responsibility
  • Safeguard or defend Click Traces’ property, possession, or rights
  • Avoid or examine expected misconduct that may occur on our website
  • Safeguarding our users or the general public
  • Safety against legal obligation

Personal Info Safeguarding

The safeguarding of your personal is of utmost importance to Click Traces. However, we want you to understand that info transmission over the internet is not completely safe and is subject to vulnerabilities. We try our best to use endorsed means to safeguard your personal info, however, we cannot promise 100% security.

Personal Info Processing

Third-party may have access to your personal data only for the purpose of performing the tasks on behalf of Click Traces. However, they are not allowed to disclose or use the personal info for any other purpose.


We may appoint third parties to monitor and study the use of the Click Traces website.

Google Analytics

Click Traces may also use Google Analytics to track the website traffic. You must note that the Google search engine uses the gathered data to track and examine the use of the Click Traces website which might be shared with other Google services. Google may use the gathered data for contextual or personalized advertising. Learn more on how to opt out of the activity.

Email Marketing

We may use your personal info to apprise you about our new offers, promotions, or any relevant info that might interest you. However, you can unsubscribe from the Click Traces emails. We use email marketing servers to circulate email to our subscribers.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

Click Traces may update its privacy policy with time; however, we will apprise you of any modifications by publishing the changes in the policy on our official website. We will notify you about the change to our